Below is a short description about us and what we believe.  Also you will find links to other useful websites.

About us


We are a self funded ministry with various websites covering many important topics concerning the end times we live in.


What we Believe


We believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God, and we base our faith and beliefs solely on His Word.  The Bible reveals God as the Almighty Creator through His Son Jesus Christ.


We believe that Jesus is self-existent and eternal, and that He came to this earth in the form of man to die in our place, because of our sins and to show us the way to eternal life with Him.  We believe that the full price of our sins have been paid on the cross by Jesus.  By repenting of our sins, and accepting Jesus into our lives, we receive the free gift of grace from God.


We believe that no one can work their way into Heaven, but only through the shed blood of Jesus.  But because He died for us, then we want to obey Him and serve Him and keep His commandments, including the 4th, and through the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, we will be able to keep His Commandments.  We believe, although we are not saved by works, that a true loving relationship with Jesus will produce good works, and without the good works, as James confirmed, that faith is dead.


We believe that the Sabbath day will become a deciding issue during the end times before Jesus returns.  We firmly believe and are seeing it happen, that the beast power will enforce a Sunday sabbath law, which will be the mark of the beast, and anyone who goes along with it and accept the mark will be lost.






How to Worship God in Spirit and Truth

Find out from this website how to worship God in spirit and truth.  Many great Bible studies revealing true worship of our Creator God and how to follow in Christ's footsteps.

The Second Coming of Christ Jesus

Is Jesus returning soon?  How can we know the truth about how He will return?  Will He secretly rapture people away, or will every eye see Him come?  Find out the Bible truth here.

End Times Prophecy

Find out the Bible truth about the end times.  Here you will find many great Bible prophecy studies and information about the end times.

What is the Mark of the Beast

Do you know what the mark of the beast is?  It isn't what the majority of the world think it is.  Find out the true mark from the Bible here.

The Truth about Hell Fire

Does hell fire burn forever?  Is Hell a literal place under the earth like many people think?  Find out the Bible truth about hell fire.

The Sabbath Day Bible Truth

More Bible study and truth about the Sabbath day that God intended for mankind to keep.

What is the Seal of God

Find out about the seal of God, what it is, how we get it, and what significance it has for God's people.


Below are more good links to websites sharing the truth of God's Word: